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Better Feeling

I got offline about midnight and read the paper, watched The Defenders, fourth hour on the tape (the third hour is Harry's Law, of which there's a new one tonight, so I think I'll tape that one, too), and got to bed to read at 6:30am. I read until 8am and set the alarm to 2pm, sure I could make myself get up. No, I had too many hot flashes and needed some more partial sleep. I got up at 4:30pm. I took a dose of narcotics early yesterday, so I had another dose when I went to bed. That helped a lot with the pain.

I got groceries -- kitty litter and boneless chicken thighs (on sale) -- and I had a large batch of catalogs in the mail. A book came from Amazon and its box is just the right size for Spirit, so I put it next to her endtable. This is what Loki's whiskers look like.

When I finish with this, I'll start washing cat blankies.

Yes, another flying car.

I hadn't known that the Pentagon does cancer research. Apparently a lot of small organizations push Congress to give the Pentagon money for that research and when one of the Congresspeople does a really good job, they might get an award. Well, the ZERO (The Project to End Prostate Cancer) gives the Golden Glove Award. I can't decide if that's funny or icky.
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