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Pain All Over

I got offline about midnight last night, read the paper, and watched Blue Bloods, the last (sixth) hour on the tape. I went to bed to read at 3:30am and finished at 7am, also finishing the book. My right hip hurt so much I'd tried sticking the non-book-holding hand under, but that didn't work well. I've had a right-sided headache, and the middle fingers on both hands can't get close to anything without hurting. So I came out and brought in the paper, rearranged the Sunday part that comes early, and made a grocery list, which is mostly kitty litter. I managed to string that out to 8am, when I could take more acetaminophen, and I did go to sleep. I didn't set the alarm because I don't have anything with a specific time until bookgroup next Saturday. The big kitties insisted I get up at 5:45pm, and I came out to watch the news before I took pills and got dressed.

I was online until right before 8pm, when I watched Must Love Cats, and then started laundry. I couldn't find Birdie last night and Junie is mad at me. I keep telling her that I'm not the one who pushed or hid it somewhere. Nobody cares about the mouse -- Loki has been playing with the heat-sealed plastic. I still can't figure out what it held -- the diameter is too big and it's too long to be a Ben & Jerry pint seal, and that's usually the only thing I have with those. I've got a few weeks before I need to get more dry cat food at PetSmart and I'll look for a Purina toy for Loki (and another bird for Junie, if I can't find the current one) then.
Tags: cat toys, laundry, pain, reading, sleeping, tv

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