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Japan! Nuclear Reactors!

Last night I watched TV, the tape of Glee from Tuesday (Junie came down and sat on me when I sang along), and read the paper. I got to bed at 1:15am and started to read, stopping at 6am. I was thinking it was 5am, but I left the alarm at noon, anyway. Then I changed the alarm to 1pm, then 2pm, then 2:30pm, which is when I got up. I'd planned to spend some online time before I left, but no time. I turned the TV and VCR on to set the VCR (during a commercial) to watch three shows in case I wasn't home.

The MRI was fine, but there were a lot of people there, and that was when I first heard about Japan. Most of us were watching the small TV the waiting room has. Late weekend appointments, like I usually have, would probably get me in sooner. Traffic was pretty tight on the way back, and I got off to have dinner at Carrabbas, but I hadn't thought about Friday and 6:15pm. I didn't have to wait long, though, and the woman sitting next to me talked about all her medical problems. I just nodded, mmmhmmmed, and thought about how much sicker I was. I had a good dinner, although a server brought me the wrong plate, mostly insisting that the other plate on her tray belonged to the person sitting across from me; I kept telling her there was no person there and that was not my plate. Finally, an experienced server told her she was at table 43 instead of 44.

My pin from Con or Bust and the earrings I bought came today, and they're great. Have a look at Wraptillion.

I'm trying to be online and watch the TV, but Japan is clearly in disaster. The fifth worse quake in history, the worst in their history. The tsunami that just wiped out lots of people, cities, and fields. The nuclear reactors that they haven't been able to cool. One of our local Search & Rescue teams is on the way; they were most recently in New Zealand. I hope things go as well as possible for Japan and their people.

Gabrielle Giffords is doing very very well.

The WashPost had a bit about Discovery's landing, and said "It will make the 750-mile journey strapped to the top of a jumbo jet". I wonder if I'm close enough to see that when it lands at Dulles.

I knew that among the existing congressfolk there were lots of millionaires, but it turns out that a lot of the tea-party freshmen congressfolk are also millionaires. I wonder if their voters knew that.
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