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Full Fridge & Freezer

Last night I read the paper and decided to watch Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior which I'd taped earlier. I was up to five hours on the tape and I figured I'd take it down one hour. That meant that I went to bed to read at 4am and read until 6am. I set the alarm for 1pm, but changed it to 2pm, and then 3pm. I had to get up then because Peapod was coming. I need to get up earlier tomorrow for the MRI.

Peapod just brought my order and I should have checked how full the fridge & freezer were before I ordered sale items that go in them! I had to do some tight adjustments to get it all in.

Life Magazine has found pictures of Eva Braun that have never been made public before.

More than half of California children are Hispanic.

Rep. Peter King's racist hearing is happening today, and Japanese Americans are helping the Muslims. Old Japanese Americans remember the camps and their children heard about them over and over -- they know what could happen to Muslims.

Virginia is already being damaged by climate change. The sinking land joins rising water to flood many places, including Northrup Grumman's dry-dock in Newport News last year. Northrup Grumman is worried about all their facilities on coasts.

There's a new "signature wound" in Afghanistan -- both legs are amputated and genitals are damaged or gone. There's now more double-limb amputations than single-limb, and some folks think that the bombs have been redesigned to aim at the crotch where the armor doesn't cover.
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