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Management Fraud

Before the first annual homeowner's meeting this year, we got letters saying that parking stickers would be given out at the meeting and if people weren't there, they could pick them up at management's office (in a different county, about 45 minutes away). I was still iced in on 2/20 so emailed management the next day asking if I could pick up my upstairs neighbor's (he's 86 and legally blind, but kept his car so his daughter and her family could use it when needed) sticker with mine when I could get out. I got an email saying Yes, and I should call first so our management guy would be there. I called and went Friday.

First, he gave me a proxy for the second meeting (they didn't meet quorum) which I filled out and signed, because the only important thing was a change in the our documents that requires board members to be current with their condo fees. He gave me my sticker & guest tag. Then I reminded him I was picking up Luke's too, and he said "Are you going to sign his proxy?" I said that would be illegal. Then he said I could take the proxy to Luke and he could mail it in and then management would send him the sticker in the mail. I told him that was illegal. He can't tie voting in the homeowner's meeting to the parking sticker. The only requirement for the parking stickers is that you live in the community and are up-to-date on your condo fees. So he relented and gave me Luke's sticker/tag and I agreed to bring a proxy back to Luke.

He also told me that we were close to getting the 66% required to change the documents, and we rarely get the 33% required for regular meetings so I asked him if this was because he was lying to people and requiring them to sign proxies before they got their parking stickers. He said "Not *lying*, exactly."

So on the one hand, the change is likely to pass, and I'm in favor of the change. On the other hand, he's been lying to people to get them to sign proxies. On the gripping hand, changing the documents like this is fraud. I'm going to call the police Monday and try to set up an appointment with the fraud group.

I wonder what else he's been lying about.
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