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Recliner Sleep

I was online late enough yesterday that I just read the paper and left the tape of Harry's Law for today. Ha! I went to bed to read at 1am and went to sleep at 5am with the alarm set to 1pm. Another night with waking and sweating but I got up when the alarm went off.

I went to get labs (and the results from the new nephrologist's orders have come back -- not good, but not as bad as they've been) and then used the Chili's coupon. I had a half-rack of ribs and the brownie sundae which was very good. I came home and got online and just started sleeping so I set the VCR to record Glee and slept from 6pm to 11:12pm in the recliner. Spirit slept the first three hours under the duvet.

New Hampshire's Republican House Speaker says they need to change voting laws because they get too many students who vote with their feelings. "Voting as a liberal. That's what kids do"...

The President of the University of the District of Columbia will probably have to pay some of the around-the-world travel bills that he says were essential. The students are marching and protesting because areas of the school are being cut back and he took first-class flights and other luxuries. He can't provide complete travel records, either, and says that's the school's problem. It will be interesting to see if he resigns.
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