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My Hip! My Knee! Ow!

Last night I read the paper, went to bed at 2:30am, and read until 5am. The sweating wasn't as bad as Saturday night, but I still had a lot of problems sleeping. I got up at 3pm and when I stood up, my right hip hurt a lot. When I headed out to the van and down the curbcut, my right knee hurt. Now they both hurt.

I got groceries and completely forgot to get Loki a toy. I was sure I'd remember and didn't put it on the list. I checked Peapod, but they don't have toys. So I started a new list and put Loki Toy on it. If I go that direction and can walk that much, I'll get one sooner. I bought something I hadn't had before but did have a coupon and I decided that made it cheap enough to try. It's Kraft Philidelphia Cooking Creme. The store had empty spots for two of the flavors, so I got the Italian herbs. I'm more likely to make pasta if I have something to put on it that isn't tomato sauce.

I'm washing cat blankies -- Loki was sure he could fall off the bed with it without problems, so I had to sit on the bed and move him.

It turns out that life insurance companies have way too much freedom and will try to scam the survivors.

Similarly, banks will try to get money you don't owe them when you try to change your mortgage.

The back page of the Sunday WashPost Business section has a car review. This one was very funny -- the Infiniti QX56 SUV was too big to fit into a parking spot at Virginia Hospital Center (where I stayed six months for the second renal failure) and when a nurse backed her little Corolla into the Infiniti, it got the damage, and the cost was spectacular.

Yesterday's Parade had an article by Lee Woodruff about her husband Bob who had traumatic brain injury covering war in Iraq. It was on how her husband became fairly well and she ties it into Giffords, to help people understand.
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