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Spirit's Bed

I was online so late last night that I taped The Defenders and when I signed off, read the newspaper. I planned to watch the tape today, but decided to do it last night. I went to bed to read at 2:30am and read until 6am to finish the book. I got up to use the bathroom on my way to get the paper off the stoop and the toilet arm broke in the handle. I'm not strong enough to take the collar off, even if I have a new one, so I'll wait until Monday (I have another bathroom, it's just more difficult to use than mine) and have a plumber come do it. I hurt enough after that that I took more narcotics and didn't get up until just before 3pm.

I've read the front pages of the sections of today's paper and set out the sections for tomorrow that come on Saturdays, and made the grocery list for Monday. It's not much, since I have Peapod coming Thursday, but I have to go anyway to pick up a refill of Junie's meds.

Spirit apparently really likes the bed. She hasn't come over to sit on the computer at all, and spent a lot of time in the bed while I was reading last night. I hope I'm right.

The Navy is discharging a sailor because when someone came in the door, another guy was in bed and they were both asleep. The two sailors say they were just watching a movie and went to sleep, and the Navy admits there's no evidence of homosexuality or activity between the men, but the Navy is discharging anyway.

There was a teacher who went from country to country and several places in the US without a license. Not only did he teach at a lot of schools, but at each, gave male teens enough tequila to knock them out and then have sex with them. He also filmed each incident. He'd never been caught before in all the decades he did this -- he'd slide free -- but the mother of a student in our high school saw her son's Facebook an hour before he had a meeting with the man for "mentoring," and realized something was going on. She reported it to the principal. Now, about a year later, the man is going to be in jail for 25 years for pornography. They didn't bring the charges of sex offender and similar because that meant the kids and adults would have to testify.

The East Coast Rapist had been raping women up and down this coast from Virginia to Rhode Island for 13 years. The last was three teenage girls out for Halloween in 2009. Police have been trying to find this guy for all thirteen years but weren't getting anywhere. They put up electronic media a week ago -- website, digital billboards by big highways with sketches of him and info, and local news. On Thursday, someone recognized him on the billboard and called in a tip. He was here in the county around my city and PW police carefully followed him. When he dropped a cigarette butt, they took it: it matched all the DNA from the rapes. Police caught him in Connecticut yesterday.

The Justice Department wants to have tobacco companies put notices on the packs that the companies have lied and tobacco is bad for you. The companies don't want to, of course.

A teenager was killed last fall by a group of people and the DC police have found the killers but are not going to look for her body. The parents say it's because of the cost ($1M), but the chief says they think her body is about 70 feet down in a landfill and it's too dangerous to have people hunt for her -- methane explosions, disease, and collapsing landfill. The family still thinks officers should look for her in the landfill because if her body is found, they can have a death certificate.

Remember the two ATF agents who were shot at in Mexico? One died and the other was injured. Well, it was an American operation that let that gun into the killer's hands. It turns out that the ATF was selling guns to people who they thought would lead them to drug smugglers, but about 1000 of the guns have never been found.

Sally Jenkins, a sports columnist for the WashPost who is frequently sarcastic has really pushed it out in this column on The Boss in NFL.
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