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Two for the Money

This was a very good movie. Brandon (Matthew McConaughey) planned to be a big-deal quarterback but he damaged his leg badly on the day the scouts were in the bleachers and they all left. He does a lot of little jobs and then his boss finds out Brandon can forecast sports. He does it just as a hobby until Walter (Al Pacino), who owns a popular sports betting information company in Manhattan (peaple pay for call and are coached on what to bid on) hires him. Walter makes Brandon into Johnny Adventure! The Man of Odds! and things go okay. Walter's wife, Toni (Rene Russo) is worried about his heart, his gambling, and his belief that he's the biggest manipulator of all.

As they move on, Brandon starts missing some of the odds -- he's finding the job too stressful -- but Walter won't let him leave. At one point, when Walter is supposedly in Las Vegas gambling, Brandon and Toni make it look like he went inside for sex. The business starts falling apart and Walter has everybody put all their money into one game and while the office folk are watching on the TV in Walter's living room, he heads back to yell at Toni about the "adultery." She explains that they made it look like that just to see if he was still interested in her. They fall together and back in love. At the same time, Brandon is heading home. He sees the end of the game while at an airport and is glad to leave. We see him happily coaching boys in football.
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