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Jiggling Forearm

Last night I watched a DVD and read the paper before I got to bed to read at 2:30am. I stopped at 6am (having come out to talk to Spirit and watch about the weather) and didn't set the alarm. I got up almost exactly at 3pm.

I was getting ready to go out, unlocking the door, and wondering why Loki (on the kitchen window table) was looking outside. When I opened the door, I scared the mailguy who was bringing Spirit's heated pet bed. I took the DVD to the post office driveby and picked up the rest of the mail, all of which went into the mixed paper recycling basket except for the notice of the monthly amount of money I've paid to Kaiser/Medicare. Yesterday, I got a semi-bill from Kaiser because the IQ people billed them first, and not Medicare at all. I don't have to pay anything, I'm just supposed to tell them this.

When I came home, I started working on the computer and all the joints in my left fingers hurt, but even worse, when I do something with my right hand, like use the trackball, my entire forearm jiggles. I keep thinking it should stop. I took a break and fixed up Spirit's bed and I coaxed her over and she got in. She just sat in it for a while, but then lay down. We'll see how well she likes it. I put in the Peapod order, changing my card in the process.
Tags: cats, dvd, errands, heated cat bed, medicare, peapod order, reading, right forearm jiggles, sleeping

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