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Not Much Change

Last night I was online so long that I not only taped NCIS, I didn't have time to watch it in the hour before The Good Wife. I read part of the paper in part of the hour and later watched the tape, then finished the paper. I was in bed to read at 2:30am and read until 5am. The night was bad, as usual these days, but I got up at noon.

I took the trash and recycling out wearing my coat because it was supposed to be 51F. It was 64F, so I just left my coat in the car. The weatherpeople are sure it will be colder tomorrow. I deposited a check from someone who bought my Minicon registration -- it's too expensive to have Junie & Spirit pilled -- and then picked up a book at the library.

I drove up to the Kaiser clinic near Fair Oaks Mall, but I couldn't get a parking space in a handicap spot, and I was too close to the appointment time, so I parked as close as I could to a curbcut on the same side of the building. I had to rest on the bench inside the door, not just for all the walking, but the wind was so strong that I had to lean into it and push to step. I was worried that it would stop and I'd fall. On the way out, there was a lovely spiral of brown leaves and after the first moment, I realized that the biggest leaf up at the top -- maybe 8 feet -- was actually a brown napkin.

The rheumatologist increased the prednisone a bit, probably not enough to hurt anything, to try and make the joints feel better, but she didn't worry about much else. I picked up the mail on the way in and I got two of the meds I've been waiting for, but still no new debit card.

The FDA has pulled about 500 cold and allergy prescription drugs because they were never tested.

One of the reasons that so many people get sick again after they see the doctor is that many people are not health literate.

Music, of any kind, will increase your dopamine and make you happier.
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