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Strange Day & Night

Last night I was sleepy enough that I had the VCR tape two of the three shows I usually watch and I read the paper, and then did watch the third show. I was reading in bed by midnight and sleepy enough to stop at 2:30am and set the alarm for 11:00am. But I kept waking up for the hot/cold so that when the food machine put out its 10am batch for the big kitties, I went ahead and got up. I dressed and went to deposit the check and get a good bit more money back than I usually do -- that should cover most things until the new card comes.

The big cats were unhappy that they didn't get their special food when I got up, and then Spirit joined them when I left the house without giving them their wet food breakfast. I was back and back in bed by 11:15am and had more of the hot/cold and didn't get up until 3:45pm. I think I got about seven hours of sleep in total. I need to get up earlier the next few days because I have doctor appointments on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had a load of laundry in the washer finish -- I'd figured the metal noises were the snaps from my robe -- but when I went to move them to the dryer, I found change in the gasket. I had change in my pocket yesterday and forgot to take it out. The things in the dryer weren't spun enough, either, so I set that and I'm not hearing any more metal. I have the new bottle of Spirit's meds in my pocket today so I'll remember to cut them down (quarter of each pill per day) and I hope I at least remember to take it out before it goes into the hamper!

A woman in Long Island made her six daughters torture and kill dogs and cats. It was her older son who turned her in.

Seventeen of the 21 Virginia abortion clinics may have to close down. There's a commission that makes rules for places like that, and the General Assembly voted that they should say abortion clinics must follow hospital rules -- widths of halls, place to eat, etc. -- although it is possible that the commission won't.

The White House had a Motown concert with a few of the original performers and a fair number of younger folk who copied the old ones. Really copied them, according to the WashPost critic. The three singers who did "Stop! In the Name of Love" were "incredibly straight, right down to the hand motions". The critic said the copiers didn't have any elasticity, and it's true that Motown had that back then and should now, too.
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