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Way Too Much Noise

The noise upstairs continued until about noon today. Last night I watched TV and a taped show, then read the paper, and went to bed to read at 1:30am. The big cats and I kept jumping at the loud noises and the noises continued when I finished reading at 4am and set the alarm for noon. None of us could stay asleep. I was really tempted to tell him that the condo regulations say you can't make that kind of noise other than between 8am and 10pm, but I knew they were probably working around the clock like that for a good reason (the older grandson probably has to go back to Shreveport to work). At one point, I came out to sleep with Spirit in the recliner and she kept her claws in me. She was really terrified, but she was making it so I couldn't sleep out here and I went back to the bedroom. I still feel guilty for leaving her, but she loved me today. I turned the alarm off and slept from about noon to 3:45pm.

The transfer station closes at 5pm, so I just fed the cats and then called the number the credit union person gave me. No numbers for the new card, I just have to wait until it comes. I took the cardboard out -- the winds are so high that I had trouble with all doors -- and went to Tony's for dinner salad and garlic cheese bread. Mmmm The next time the winds are that high, I have to remember to put in clips so I can see when I'm outside.

I was thinking I'd probably have to load up with checks in my wallet, but I got the mail on the way in, and I have my check. I'll get up early tomorrow to deposit it. If I'd thought to have a deposit slip in the van, like I usually do before the check comes, I could have deposited it tonight.

I'm still having weird word problems. I scooped the litterboxes and went back to the bedroom to take my shoes off. Junie came and I said "I'm gonna take these apart." And for a minute or so, I thought that was the right thing.

A woman who was grabbed, chained, and raped when she was 16 has had to decide if she'll attend her attacker's parole hearing and put in her opinion. The attacker had earned a number of degrees in prison, including a religious one, and led seminars for his fellow inmates to keep from being violent in prison. All of this was brought up at the hearing and some folks who just knew he'd raped someone thought he should get parole. Then the woman told what happened to her and everybody was shocked. The attacker is in prison for three more years, until the next hearing.

Online, there's comments, of course, and the WashPost has a PostLocal page. They have an edited PostLocal page in the paper paper a couple of days a week where they post what people say about articles. The comments they showed in the paper paper went both ways, but I really liked this one:

whitebeard1: The man is doing a fine job ministering to his fellow prisoners. It would be sad to deprive them of his company.
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