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Frozen for Fraud

Last night I watched TV and then watched tapes I made of other shows while I watched the live ones. I read the paper and got to bed at 12:30am. I had the hot/cold/hot/cold again, not to mention that my former-upstairs neighbor's grandsons (cousins) are upstairs working on the condo starting at 8am or so. There was a real estate lock on the door when I came home today. I set the alarm for noon and headed off for Kaiser to get there at 2pm.

I had to sit up a lot before and after my BP check because so many people had to do other things and now I hurt a lot. It's raining here and I saw two accidents on the way back, probably by people who forgot what happens when rain is first on the oil.

I called the credit union when I got home and she froze my debit card and gave me a number to call tomorrow to see if I can get the number of the new one because the mailing of it may take 10 days. If I can't get the number, I'll just have to fold a check and put it in my wallet.

I finished getting the cardboard (small deconstructed boxes, middle deconstructed boxes, shredded paper) in order to take out tomorrow (after all, I'm not sweet enough to melt in the rain).

Some Christians and holistic medicine users had their lawsuits against the new health-care requirement to buy insurance thrown out. The Christians think God will heal them, so they don't need insurance; the holistic followers think the law won't pay for what they want and they should be able to pay for their own treatments.
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