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No Snow, A Bit of Sleet

I watched TV and tapes last night, read the paper, and then checked outside before I went to bed to read at 12:30am. We had about a half-inch of sleet. While I was reading, we heard a car park and then unpark, making crackly noises that startled the cats (I think it was my paper delivery). I stopped reading at 5am and came out to check the weather and get the paper. Still just a half-inch of sleet, and the news said we'd have 2-4" of snow. Hmmmm.

When I got up at 2:15pm, almost all the sleet was gone, only the pieces in the shade were still there, and they'll probably be gone tomorrow. Strange forecasting. I stayed in today -- I'd planned that -- and paid bills and took care of some household things.

Democratic Mormon Senator Harry Reid thinks brothels should all be closed in his state.

The wildfires are finally out and in the end, Virginia had almost 300 of them.
Tags: brothels, household, reading, sleeping, sleet, tv, wildfires

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