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Snow Soon! Again!

I read the paper last night and then read in bed. Junie kept wanting to play fetch and I'd go along for about 10 minutes and then insist on reading. She played the Bluebird down the hallway and came back without it, settling on the bed. I came down at 4:45am to sit with Spirit and watch the early news -- you never know how the weather changes -- and Junie followed, looking for the Bluebird. I looked around from the recliner, and Mr. Gator was under the theatre seats. Mr. Gator had either acquired a new limb or had the Bluebird next to him. Before I went back to bed at 5am, I moved the theatre seats, picked up the Bluebird, and gave it to Junie. She followed me back to the bedroom with her Bluebird in her mouth.

I got up at 1pm and got groceries. It's just rain today, but tomorrow is supposed to be 3-6" of snow. So -- Friday was 72F. Saturday was so severe that Virginia had more than 100 wildfires. Sunday was 60F with more working on wildfires. Today was 50F with rain helping with the wildfires. And Tuesday will have 3-6" of snow; I don't know if that helps with the wildfires. That seems like a very fast change of weather.

I'm washing cat blankies and I don't have to go out until Thursday, so I hope the snow is gone then.
Tags: cats, errands, laundry, reading, weather

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