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More Guns! And Violence!

In Virginia, open carry is legal. If a restaurant or store doesn't want people with guns to come in, they have to put a sign up. Well, on the news last night, a restaurant here in Manassas had nine folks with their guns showing come in to eat dinner. The restaurant had complaints and some folks called police. Instead of telling people that it was legal for the gun-owners to be there, since there wasn't a sign, the police told the restaurant owner that it was up to him, and he wanted them out. Now there's going to be an internal investigation. I thought our officers were better grounded in the law.

And in other violence, in a WashPost article on Britney Spears, the female writer says:

"After all, every woman, if she has lived long enough, has had a moment of unadulterated rage. Blind indignation. Righteous wrath. Mind goes blank. Grabs a pot of grits. Breaks the vase. Slams the bedroom door so hard it comes off the hinges. Takes an umbrella to his windshield, making not a dent but proving a point."

Now, I've never done that. I've certainly been really angry, but I don't break or throw things. How about the women reading this? Have you ever destroyed things in rage?
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