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Two Difficult Days

Yesterday I had the neuropsychiatric test. It was supposed to be 4.5 hours, but turned out to be 5.5. This is because the post-doc who did the test (after I was interviewed by the doctor) had a little boy, too, and planned to alternate the parts she had to do with us. I'd work on something myself and at that time she'd be with the boy,etc. That didn't work very well as expected because I finished my own stuff very fast and the boy did his very slow. Plus, not only did I sit up straight that long, but there were no kneeholes. I had to keep writing and drawing with my legs turned against the side of the desk. (When they call to give me the results, I'll complain about that.) I took my Agatha tote bag with a lot of stuff, and all of *that* turned out to be good.

I was so exhausted and in pain last night that I just posted here and put in refills for two meds. I watched TV and started having pain when I peed. Yes, it got worse during the night, so after I fed the cats this morning, I called the advice nurse. I answered her questions and she said she'd call me back. She did, and the doctor she checked with wanted my primary to decide if she (the primary) should see me or deal with it on the phone, and someone would call me. The nurse for the doctors on the other side called me and said I should come in, give a specimen, and wait for the results.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, that nurse came out and told me I had antibiotics waiting at the pharmacy and when she said "the specimen was positive," she made an ugly face. LOL So I went to the pharmacy and there were 15 people in line. I sat inside until the line got down to five (some folks came in while others got to the counters), I got in line. The antibiotic was waiting for me, and I just took the first one.

Junie's been playing with her Bluebird regularly, but the really funny and difficult part is that last night and the night before, she wanted me to throw it and she'd bring it back to me on the bed. When I told her I'd have to read for a while, she'd pout!

I'll put up some news tomorrow.
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