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I didn't like the new Masterpiece Classic last night, but stayed with it because there wasn't anything else to watch/listen to, and I was working on a complicated part of beading. After that, I read the paper and got to bed at 1am and read until 3:30am when I was sleepy. I set the alarm for noon, but the first call was from a scheduler from Kaiser Imaging -- he wanted me to have the myelogram on Wednesday. I explained that I was going to spend 4.5 hours getting a test on Tuesday and I didn't think I could do that. He called me back again and said they always do it on Wednesdays so maybe March. I asked if there were extra rules for this, and the first one was that I have someone to drive me home. I can't tell you how often I had to tell him that I don't know of anybody who could drive me there and back, plus staying. People I know work. I told him I would call when I had someone, and I suspect I'll have to price a cab, but I don't know how important this is. I can email the doctor and find out. Then the primary's aide called and we scheduled the BP check for Thursday. I slept another hour and got up when the alarm went off at noon.

While I was dressing, Loki kept sniffing under the secretary and I figured I should move it to check. Yep, the Bluebird was there. I gave it to him and then he and Junie played with it down the hall to the living room.

When I went out to the car, there was sand hitting the front window. It wasn't bad because there's a building across from me, but the area where there wasn't a building had the cars getting lots of sand at what turned out to be 50mph. Probably won't damage them, but it was weird to see the sand in the air. I headed out for groceries and when I got home, the Bluebird was not in the living room. I hurt so much (got a pain in my back when I lifted the old machine from the rolling cart to the back of the van) and was so sleepy that I went and napped for two hours. Now Junie has just played the Bluebird down the hall to the bedroom.

This is an opinion about gay/lesbian marriages. I'm happy she got that bit of time in California to get married, but I still think (and I know others do) that the government should only give out civil unions, and give them to everybody. If someone is religious or needs half a billion bridesmaids, they can do that later in the place they want.
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