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Carting Trash

Last night I watched TV and read the paper, then went to bed to read a bit before 1am. I finished a book and started the first 14 pages of the book for next Saturday's bookgroup. Usually I start it the Saturday before, so at least I got a tiny bit read. I was very sleepy and went to sleep at 4am and didn't wake up very often. I had the alarm set to noon and when it went off, I reset it to 1pm.

I read the front pages of the Sunday sections of the paper, watched Meet the Press, and took the old machine and trash out. It looks like I'm pretty much done with the cold, which is good because I have about five or six tissues left and I don't want to open a new box since I'm not likely to need it for years.

My former upstairs neighbor's daughter was here when I got home and I gave her the copy of his key I had. She asked me if he had a copy of mine and I thought very briefly and just said no. I had massive problems the times I've left a key with someone who I thought was very nice and understanding, and I just didn't give anybody a key here. That turned out to be a problem with the stroke two years ago, so I need to figure out how to keep keys without people.

I'm washing pillows and sheets and when I get them all off the bed, I'll start putting the new set on.

The first black chief justice of the Virginia Supreme Court, Leroy R. Hassell Sr., is the first black to lay in state in the capitol in Richmond.

If you really like Tolkien, Cory Olsen, Professor at Washington College, now has a website with podcasts and Skype discussions that you might want to check out.
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