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Marilee J. Layman

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06:46 pm: Angelmass by Timothy Zahn

I've read much newer books of his and liked those a lot better. The first third was all set-up: This one has one evil group wanting to take over a more pleasant group that wears "angels" -- things that come from a black hole called Angelmass -- that makes them nice. The bad group puts in a "spy" who is actually a scientist and ends up finding out what's happening wrong with Angelmass. He meets a stowaway early and they meet again and work together. They try to throw Angelmass out into space, but a giant ship from the bad group lands there and is killed. That will keep the bad group from coming. The last few pages wound up what had happened.

I kept thinking of The Eight Deadly Words but finished it. Maybe it's bad just because it was published in 2001.

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