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The New Machine

I watched TV and tapes and then read the paper. I got to bed to read about 3:00am and kept going to sleep so I gave up about 3:30am. Someone pounded on the door about noon and I managed to get glasses, slippers, and a fastened robe on down the hall while he was still there with the new machine. I left it on the end table and went back to bed until 2:30pm.

When I came out to feed the cats, I moved the box to the floor in front of the recliner and was amazed. Remember how I wanted to buy another one like my dead one because of the programming but it got so many bad reviews and stars? And this brand/model had good reviews and stars? Well, the picture on the top was exactly like the old one. When I opened the box, it was just like the old one. I just pulled the cables, brought the old machine out and put the new one in, and plugged the cables back in. Amazing. The only problem is that the remote didn't access the TV like the old, exactly same, remote did. The manual lists those controls as working on a JVC TV, so although I spent four hours trying to program it (using the old manual), I gave up. I read email and posted that sentence.

The local football team is the Redskins and it's owned by Dan Snyder. A local alternative paper, The City Paper, had an article about him in November. It covered some of the bad things he'd done, like having trees removed from next to the river. They were legally supposed to stay. The cover had a picture of Snyder with scribbled horns and beard. Well, he just sued the author and paper because he said the article had lies (and the picture was against him being Jewish, when it was really a devil). For example, he kept saying that the article talked about his wife (NFL breast cancer speaker) and her breast cancer and that she did the advertising poorly. There's nothing about breast cancer in the article. Her name was there. The man is truly weird -- particularly because there's been many suits against him to change the name of the football team for racism. He's clearly not very lucid
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