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More Machine Work

After getting offline last night, I watched Castle and taped Hawaii Five-O. I read the paper a bit during the late news, and then watched the tape. Then I finished the paper and got to bed at 2:30am to read. I read longer than I planned to finish the book and then Junie kept waking me up during the night.

I had an appointment for a BP check today and planned to get my labs done, both of which I did, but I didn't get as much sleep as I'd like and am really sleepy.

I had lunch at Olive Garden and took the last handicapped spot. By the time I was at my table, all the other cars in handicapped-spots started leaving and each one had an old person helped by an aide.

I brought out the VCR machine that I bought in 1999 and put away three years ago. It'll tape Glee tonight while I watch NCIS (which is coming up soon enough that I'll review the book tomorrow). The new machine should be here soon.

Want your own planet? JPL's got a lab where you can make your own.

Speaking of eagles, Reagan's birthday cake has a 50-pound chocolate eagle on top.

Alien cats.

Beads I truly love -- they're abstract and that's unusual.
Tags: 50-pound eagle, alien cats, bp & labs, lunch, make your own planet, reading, sleeping, tv, unusual beads, vcr

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