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VCR Problems

Last night I read almost all the paper then taped the late news while I watched Glee. I finished the paper while watching the tape and then watched a live rerun of Criminal Minds to do a bit more beading.

Today I went to get groceries and more kitty litter. Usually that would be the toughest part of the day, but I was trying to make the VCR part of the second machine work. I finally got the original tape out, but a second tape stayed in and then I got it out. I couldn't get the head-cleaning tape out at all. That machine has a working DVR, so I really need to learn to copy shows on those. The first machine has had a dead DVD drive for a while and just a week or so ago has started showing marks on tapes. It's not bad, since I mostly listen to TV, but not good. I ordered a new DVR/VCR digital tuner yesterday and that would replace machine one -- I'd still have a DVR on machine two.

Loki and Junie were very curious about what I was doing -- they did find three snackies that they hadn't been able to get to when the TV was in its normal place -- and Loki would always be between me and the machine while Junie would jump up and walk on my back.

A great cartoon about contaminated water becoming an energy drink.

A lot of people are making cheese at home or a small factory and a fair number of the people who eat that get sick (or miscarry). They're mad that the FDA wants them to use pasteurized milk. I figure if they really want to make the raw cheese, they should be required to have everybody buying it sign a form admitting they're willing to be really sick. Then every of those people who give it or food made with it to others should have them sign the form.

I'd heard of the Krentz death where a lot of people think he was killed by an illegal immigrant, but I'd never heard of Shawna Ford who, nine months earlier, had her Minuteman group kill a father and his daughter (the mother lived) to get nonexistent drugs and money from them. She was sure they were illegal immigrants and ran drugs -- she wanted the drugs and money to run her group. She'd been kicked out of the regular Minutemen and other anti-illegal immigrant groups because she was so extreme, but it didn't keep her from heading out herself. She's on trial now and I'd like to see her with two life sentences.
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