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Gloomy Day

We had something between mist and mild rain all through mid-day, but it wasn't enough to worry about getting wet. After I left Luke's funeral, I stopped at a place that has a good small steak & cheese sandwich and then headed on home. I read the front pages of the paper's sections and put them in order, then put the dishes in the sink and on the counter into the dishwasher. I got a little dizzy while I did that, and was dizzy going to the desk, so I just pulled the shades down and went to the bedroom and had a two-hour nap. I think the dizziness is gone.

A young woman was missing for six months and the police won't be able to find her body, but they do now have the people who beat, crushed, and throttled her. Their attorneys say that since they're intelligent teens, they should be released to a high-intensity program. I think they should go to jail.

A fascinating report and chart on how countries are changing with weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

A poor bald eagle was feasting on a deer carcass on the rail tracks, didn't heed Amtrak's horn fast enough, and finished the journey stuck to the front of the engine. This is really too bad. But an eagle coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seems to think that if another train hits an eagle, it will be the engineer's fault.
Tags: country health, dead bald eagle, food, household, nap, teen incarceration, weather

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