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Luke's Funeral

I spent bits of time the last two days deciding what to wear. You see, Luke didn't believe in gods and when his wife died, the service was non-religious at the funeral home. Since his religious daughter was in charge this time, I knew it would be more formal. It turned out that black pants and a red&black cowlneck sweater was fine, particularly since I had to keep my coat on.

When Google showed me a picture of the church on the map, I knew exactly where it was and how it had been built on over a lot of years. It's right on the county parkway and I've been back and forth many times. It turns out that you go in through the airlock door in the older building and then out a regular door to walk on a concrete walkway with a roof and in a regular door to the new sanctuary.

The church is a pretty standard small protestant church -- this one is United Methodist -- with a stained glass window, wooden padded benches, and a red-carpeted stage and three stairs. All the wood on the walls matches the dark beige of the benches, but the piano is black. It sticks out like crazy, also because it wasn't in tune. The young man who was playing during viewing time added ripples and twirls to all the pieces and if you didn't know they were hymns, you'd think they were dances.

Luke's body looked a bit more like a doll than a person; I've never been very fond of viewings. The minister spoke fairly briefly and there were three hymns during that time. The books were very heavy and I had to hold mine with two hands so I stayed seated even though people were supposed to stand up and sing. I aimed at alto, but with partially-paralyzed vocal cords, singing isn't really there anymore. The minister asked if anyone wanted to talk about Luke, other than his daughter, and one person did. I thought about it, but there was no ramp to the stage and my voice was pretty faint by then.

At the end, most people went to what had been the original sanctuary for sandwiches and snacks. I decided to leave. The only people I know are Luke's relatives and only a couple of the church people there knew him. The others came because they're friends of his daughter. I didn't want to take up a lot of the relatives' time.
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