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More Coughing

After I talked to the daughter of my former upstairs neighbor, I read part of the paper, watched The Big Bang Theory, read more of the paper, then watched CSI and taped Royal Pains, then watched the tape of Royal Pains. I finished the paper during the late news.

Spirit was very insistent that she wasn't getting off my lap, so I slept out here for a couple hours and got to bed at 2am. I tried to read but was so sleepy and had so much coughing that I stopped at 2:30am. I woke up to cough and blow my nose through the night and then decided to get up at 2pm. I was too tired to do all the shower at once, which hasn't happened for a long time, and I don't know if it's the cold or what.

Spirit has now tucked in a box behind me that used to be Junie's box. When Junie saw Spirit liked it, she abandoned it. Junie bulged over the edge of the box, but Spirit is curled up in one half.

Some returned veterans were having trouble finding jobs, but now they're working in archeology, where they're learning new skills, too.

One of the WashPost Sports columnists is miffed about the Superbowl roman numerals. I wonder what she'd think if she saw my flower clock.
Tags: archaeology jobs for vets, cats, reading, sleeping, superbowl roman numbers, tired, tv, two shower parts

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