Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
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Luke, Upstairs Neighbor, Died

Luke was in the hospital for a long time with pneumonia and then to rehab to try to get off the oxygen. I was playing my last required computer game last night when his daughter called me to tell me he died on Wednesday. It was probably congestive heart failure, which isn't that unusual for someone 87 and with a lot of fluid problems. I asked if I could come to the viewing & service tomorrow and she said they'd be honored. I completely forgot to tell her about my cold. I'll have to stay in the back and leave if it gets too bad. No hand-shaking, either.

She told me that they'll clear out upstairs and sell it. I hope they change the carpet, it's 19 years old and the original carpet in these condos doesn't really last that long. I also hope they sell to another nice old couple because the walking up there won't be so loud. Almost everybody walks according to their age and the teens are really awful.
Tags: death, luke
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