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Productive Cough

I started the paper when I got offline, but kept going to sleep, so Spirit and I slept in the recliner from 5:30pm-7:30pm. I'd set a machine to watch NCIS, but we were ready to watch it. I watched the last Criminal Minds rerun I had on tape and then The Good Wife, then spent 10 minutes on the Hallmark movie and rewound it.

I started reading in bed at 1:30am and read until 3:30am, finding places to put the tissue box and bag where I could reach them. I needed something warm and wet before I slept, so I put extra water into what was left of yesterday's couscous and that worked. I watched about today's weather, brought in the paper, and went to bed at 4:15am. While I was lying down, I kept having productive coughs, although they're gone now. I slept until 1:15pm and decided to take the trash and recycling I'd put together last night out to the dumpster and bring the mail on the way back in (the management guy said he'd have it all shoveled). I decided to go get hard candy -- bringing two bags each of butterscotch discs and root beer barrels -- and then pick up the mail. Every single piece of it went directly into the mixed-paper recycling basket.

A new Republican from Florida is likely to get pulled off because of fraud.

Fred Karger, an openly gay Republican, is considering running for President.

A 14-year-old used a pen barrel to "shoot" plastic pellets at other people. He's been expelled. I think I would have gone with suspension.

The Discovery company had a guy come in with bombs and hold some people hostage; he was eventually killed. The hot dog guy outside stayed and told people something was going on inside and not to go in. He also gave police and others food while they waited.. Discovery is so thankful that they've bought the best possible hot dog cart for him.
Tags: discovery bomb, errands, food, gay republican looking to president, hot dog cart, new republican with possible fraud, productive cough, reading, sleeping, suspension, tv

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