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I read the paper last night, then watched Harry's Law (I was sure this would be the last time, but it's much better than the first two so I'll try again), late news, and a taped episode of Criminal Minds. I got to start reading by 12:30am but stopped at 3:30am. I not only have a running nose, but a sore throat and sinuses below my cheek bones. I woke up several times to pull a tissue, blow my nose, and put the tissue in the bag.

I woke up at 11am, which was before the alarm (set to noon) and came out to see the 11am news and to call nephrology. There won't be icing tomorrow -- the storm will be too far east -- but I really can't go and give everybody else my cold (the nurse agreed). The new appointment is about a month away.

I should have bought hard candy yesterday; I only have a few left, and they're what decreases sore throat pain.
Tags: cancel neph appt, pain, reading, sleeping, tv, weather

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