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First Landing by Robert Zubrin

In the front of this book, the first acknowledgment is Jonathan Vos Post and almost everybody I know has him killfiled or banned. In the back of the book, we see Zubrin's plan (with illos) to get to Mars and find that's the plot of the book. I understand that he has some very good nonfiction Mars books, but this SF book is not good.

Lots of horrible things happen to one or more of them, and nobody is hurt in the entire book. Two sets of the five people hate each other in the beginning, even thinking the other is the saboteur, but at the end they change instantly to BFFs! Awwwww

Back on Earth batches of people are bad, but jailed or good at the end. The characters are cardboard dolls dressed in tabbed paper clothes.

Fortunately, it's a short book.
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