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Tissues and a Bag

Last night I read the paper and finished right before I watched the last Masterpiece Theatre for the Downton Abbey series. I taped a Hallmark movie and think I'll try it tonight, but they're usually too sappy. I watched one of the taped Criminal Minds against the end of the Hallmark movie.

I got to bed to read at midnight and just coughed my head off, with my nose running. I've changed to tissues and a bag instead of hankies. I bet I got this from the neuro people or place. I went to bed to sleep at 4am, but at 10:15am, the neuro aide called and said the neuropsych test was approved and gave me the doctor's phone number. At 11am, he called and gave me his address and we set the appointment for the 15th. It takes 4.5 hours and it should be a bit more than an hour to get there, and probably an hour and a half to get home.

We're supposed to get freezing rain at midnight that will stop around noon, but then tomorrow night will bring a much larger amount of freezing rain. So it's likely that the road will be iced and I can't go to the nephrology appointment on Wednesday. I'll call tomorrow and find out if they want me to go ahead and change the appointment or let them know really early on Wednesday. The feds can take unscheduled leave or telework tomorrow.

I deposited my check and got money from the ATM for the week. I dropped the DVD at the post office and then went to the grocery. I was a little dizzy and had to sit for a bit in the pharmacy, but I only had six things and all in nine adjacent aisles, so I managed out and home. None of it was perishable so I went to bed for a couple of hours. I feel better now, but I'm not going to wash the cat blankies. I'll see about them tomorrow.

Poor abandoned kitty.

New federal dietary guidelines and they want me to cook. Yeah right.
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