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As I said, I read the paper and went to bed to read last night. I'm not fond of this book -- it's stiff and written like an elementary student -- and I keep thinking of things and stop reading. (I finished another book on Wednesday but have been too tired and short of time to write the review.) I went to sleep at 4am but woke up at 10am with a lot of pain so I took more narcotics, turned the alarm off, and slept until 2:30pm.

I was putting my coat on to go put gas in the car ($.20 off per gallon) and saw a mail truck go by. I stopped there and asked him to give me my three days worth of mail out of his side, which he did. I had two sets of meds, a New Year's Letter, and my check. I'll deposit the check on Monday.

After getting the gas, I stopped at Ruby Tuesday's to eat from the garden bar and a woman at a close table was eating the English way with her utensils. I couldn't hear them, but it seemed likely they were from the UK.

Mubarak has named a Vice President, but is still not leaving.

I mentioned St. E's recently and a young woman just made a documentary of five of the men there. She was shocked at how awful their crimes were but still felt it would help them to make the film.

A man robbed a bank yesterday morning, pistol-whipped a guy who tried to take the gun, and grabbed a hostage to leave with him. Just a few steps away on the sidewalk, the red dye pack exploded and then as he moved her toward the street, he slipped on the ice. She dashed off and while he chased her, he was killed by six police officers.
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