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Odd Sleeping Hours

Last night I was very sleepy by 7:30pm, which was just a few hours after I got up, so I tried to stay awake, but as soon as I was offline, I went to bed from 8pm to 10pm. I read the paper and went back to read in bed at 1am. I stopped at 3am when I was hungry (I knew that would happen; I hadn't had enough calories but I was full from the rehydration fluid) and got some toast. I went back to reading at 3:15am and read another hour. I was awake every hour briefly until 8:15am and I stayed awake so I came out and sorted the paper then tried to sleep again. I didn't, so I read again until 11:55am. Since the alarm was set to noon, I turned it off and planned to sleep. I wasn't asleep by 12:30pm, so I came back out and watched Meet the Press while I read the front pages of all the sections of the paper.

I'm about halfway through changing bed linens and will clearly need to nap at some point.

I have trouble believing this, but then Arlington Cemetary has had a lot of trouble for a while: The real marble urns that were on the cemetary stage since 1920 are up for auction. When the stage was renovated, new urns were put up and the renovator was allowed to take away the old ones. They've been with several dealers since.

A local high school wrestling coach gave three of his kids buzzcuts to make them more team-building. The parents of one were really unhappy and the school fired the coach. Now they're letting him come back as a volunteer assistant. The boys have signed papers saying they wanted the buzzcuts. Those boys are getting bullied from all sides -- they wouldn't have needed an icon that they were going to be more team-building if they were already doing that, and then they have to sign the papers or their friends will push them away because they love the coach.
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