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A Wakening Howl

I watched TV and recorded tapes last night and read the rest of Thursday's paper as well as Friday's paper. I was in bed reading by 2:30am and planned to stop at 5am, but went on to 6am without realizing it. It's not just reading with this book that's taking me so long; the SF book has its basis as something that happened to me and I keep thinking as well as reading. The moon wasn't visible when I got the paper, and I came back in and right to sleep at 6am. I had the alarm set to 1pm, but I didn't wake up until 3:45pm when there was a loud howl. It turned out to be Spirit, who wanted breakfast. I don't remember unsetting the alarm, but I was probably too sleepy to know.

After getting the cat breakfast out and sitting in the recliner until I could take my BP (okay), I bundled up and went to get Thursday and Friday's mail. Today's mail turned out to be there, too, which is what happens when you sleep too late.

I had two pieces of mail from SFBC -- I didn't want anything from the catalog envelope, and I received a letter saying a book I'd ordered was out of stock and would be sent as soon as possible. That's nice, except that the book came Tuesday or Wednesday (I got mail for both days on Wednesday). Hmmmm

The company that has been making one of the lethal injection chemicals is going to stop. Their factory is in Italy and the Italians want them to stop making it. The company hasn't been happy that their chemical was being used for the lethal injection. I think stopping the death penalty would be a good response to stopping the chemical.

An article on how Borders is trending down and down. The paper version had a nice graph that showed Amazon way up, Borders way down, and Barnes & Noble a bit above Borders.
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