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Still Pain, Still Ice

Last night I watched TV and then taped TV and read the paper. I got to bed to read at 2:00am and read until 4am. I slept until 5:30am, then stayed awake until about 6:30am. I got up to see what the TV said about weather -- worse than they expected -- and stayed until 7:30am reading the front page of each section of the paper. I went back to bed and read until 8:30am and then slept straight to 3:15pm.

I got out here and saw the ice still mostly over everything, even with the temperature at 39F, so I hope it's gone tomorrow when it's supposed to be 42F. I was online and about 5:30pm just couldn't stay awake anymore. I set the machine to watch NCIS and Spirit and I slept in the recliner for three hours. I hope to finish up online and watch The Good Wife and then read the paper.

I haven't eaten yet, so I need to do that, and I need to really try to get up tomorrow at a more normal time.

The WashPost had an interesting article (and the paper verson had an illo) about how banks are giving you advertising in their online banking. My credit union doesn't do that and I hope it has some sense.
Tags: cats, food, online banking ads, reading, sleeping, tv, weather

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