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Better, Still Pain and Moving like Igor

I managed bookgroup and dinner last night, almost falling from getting up from the chair, and when I got home I checked for urgent email, posted here, scooped litter boxes, and slept from 8pm-12:30am. When I got up, I read the paper and went back to bed to read from 3am - 6am. I was still awake at 6:45am so I came out and read the first page of each section. (The WashPost is rearranging the paper again and I expected it to make the paper smaller, but it's making it larger. The odd part is that it had separate Arts and Style sections for many years, they were glommed together for about six years, and now they're separating them again without mentioning them being separate before.)

I went to sleep at 8am and woke when the alarm went off at 11am so I could take another dose of narcotics, and then went back to sleep until 3pm. I'm still having a lot of problems walking, standing, moving my right arm, etc., but it wasn't anything near like Friday. I set the narcotics up so I can drive to Imaging tonight; I can take acetaminopen before I leave.

I've read part of the paper and expect to finish it when I get home. I don't have to be anywhere at a particular time until Tuesday-week, so I don't have to worry about the snow and my walking.

The chief of the U.S. Park Police was fired in 2004 because she told the truth about them being understaffed while being interviewed by the WashPost. Now, finally, she's been adjudicated as a whistleblower and will get her job and all the money between back.

Johnson & Johnson has had another big recall. Check this article and use their link to the website that will tell you exactly what kind of Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed, etc. to take out of your drawers (never keep meds in the bathroom -- the water/vapor is bad for them).
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