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Long Sleep

I wanted to watch two of the Criminal Minds episodes that I had taped on Friday and then Castle (which was supposed to be new, but was a rerun) so I ran the tape back to after the first and found the first and second were two parts of a story. So I watched the first and second, then Castle, then news, and then watched the third. I read the paper and got to bed to read at 1:30am. I stopped at 4:30am and came out to get the paper and sat down to watch the news. They were still saying 2-3" for us today, but now they're saying 1-2". I was asleep at 5am.

I hurt so much last night that I took more narcotics partway through and either the cats didn't or couldn't wake me up -- I woke up at 4:30pm. Yesterday I'd had a med refill rejected by the online service because I was putting it in too early and that was because we doubled the dose. I called as soon as I woke up and gave them that info and they'll check it with my primary and then send me the new batch. I'm definitely down from 160, but I'm still popping up to 140 every so often.

I opened the blind over the sliding glass doors because the cats like to look out there for a bit, but closed it when they left because it was black and also damp enough that I couldn't be sure it wasn't ice, so there's now two days of mail out there.

Giffords is doing better -- responsive and breathing on her own -- and the WashPost shows a more detailed part of the brain where the bullet went. Both of my strokes were in the left temporal, and with the first one, I got words back a lot sooner than with the one almost two years ago. You should see these posts before I send them -- they're bad enough after.

The Computer Product Safety Commission is making a database of all consumer complaints. The businesses and many conservatives are angry, but the people and many liberals outvoted them. The database is scheduled to start on 3/11 and to be found at .
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