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Van Seems Fine

Last night I watched one of the "Criminal Minds" episodes I taped on Friday and then read the paper. I was in bed to read by 12:30am. I'm going to have problems with the bookgroup book. I like to plan to read them the week before we talk about them, but I read more than half last night. I'm going to have to read something else after this book, before the meeting. I came out at 3:30am to bring in the paper and couldn't resist reading the articles on Giffords that I hadn't read online. As long as I was doing that, I read the front page of all the sections and got to bed to sleep at 5:30am. I got up at 2:30pm and first headed out to try the turn-around from the gas station and there wasn't any problem with the van. I don't know what happened on Friday, but I hope it doesn't happen again.

I stopped at Ruby Tuesday to eat -- white bean chicken chili and garden bar -- so I could get almost all I needed for calories and protein. Since then, I've been online. My back hurts again (more when I breath) so when I finish, I'm going to sit in the recliner with the heating pad and read the paper and not change/wash the sheets.

A Republican Constitution has been written.

People getting new passports won't have places to put Mother and Father -- now they're Parent 1 and Parent 2.

The WashPost Tech columnist gives a review of CES, but what I think is more interesting is this series of graphs that show how many gadgets were bought over time and how much they cost.
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