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Marilee J. Layman

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07:19 pm: OMNI Best Science Fiction Two

When I volunteered for OMNI on AOL, we were given a lot of these books as presents. Usually I just have extra time for a story or two, but this time I was filling in before I start reading the bookgroup book tonight.

All the perfumes of Araby / Lucius Shepard -- a story about a smuggler who has a woman get him in trouble

The robot and the one you love / Tom Maddox -- a man who gathers data to sell using his robot, has the robot keep him safe

Chimera dreams / Gregg Keizer -- lots of people can put cloaks on that make them look like a creature, but what if some of them are real?

The pear-shaped man / George R.R. Martin -- cheese curls will steal your soul

Kingdom come / Bruce McAllister -- the world is joined to a different world with evil beings

Mother's Milt / Pat Cadigan -- Mother gets a man out of jail instead of her husband and puts him to surprising work

Black velvet / Maggie Flinn -- can you hide paranormal abilities when the government wants to know?

One small step for Max / Dan Simmons -- the man tries to make his big score on the moon, but hasn't quite heard everything

The cave painting / Garry Kilworth -- what happens when Dreamtime comes again?

In the month of Athyr / Elizabeth Hand -- far in the future, women are killed and replaced by creatures designed for sex

I particularly liked The Pear-shaped Man (I put cheese curls on my grocery list), Mother's Milt, and One Small Step for Max.



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Date:January 12th, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
Yes, Ellen has always been a good editor. I have more OMNI books to read when I have those bits of time where I can't get through a whole book. I'm reading an anthology now (again because the bookgroup book was so minimal) that is, well, I'm not that fond of it. I'll post about it when I finish.
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