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Back Requires Pain Meds

I had really big back pain by the time I got offline -- there was a lot of walking & sitting up straight to get the narcotics -- so I stayed in today even though we only got a dusting of snow. Last night I watched TV and read the paper, then went to bed to read at midnight. I finished the book at 3am and still needed calories and protein so came out to get a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich that would finish those requirements up, and hot tea. I went to bed about 3:30am and went right to sleep but woke up with more pain and took more meds at 7:45am, 15 minutes early, not that it killed me, brought the paper in, and went back to sleep. I got up at 2:45pm as the cats were starting to be insistant.

Wow, a gunman killed a federal judge (on the middle in the immigration argument) and five other people in an Arizonan constituent meeting, shooting Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords (husband is Mark E. Kelly, astronaut who took the shuttle up last time) in the head. Eighteen others were injured. The surgeon is optimistic about Giffords. They found the shooter who left confused messages about the government online.

The Congressional Budget Office says repeal of the health-care bill will cost us even more money. Boehner doesn't believe it. I saw Boehner in an interview by Brian Williams and when Williams told him study numbers (I don't remember exactly, but it was more than 50%) of people who want the health care, Boehner gave him anecdote after anecdote about people who don't.

A columnist breaks down the Republican phrase "job-killer".

The TV ads of "The Season of the Witch" are pretty grotty, but a WashPost reviewer thinks it's worse: The age of chivalry has never looked dingier than in "Season of the Witch," a sluggish mash-up of knight's tale and creature feature.
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