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Strange Car Thing

Last night I watched TV and read the paper and got to bed to read a bit after 12:30am. I read until 3:30am and came out to have a bagel & cream cheese with hot tea because I was short on calories and protein. I went back in about 4am and got straight to sleep. I got up at noon and checked online to see if the rheumatology nurse had answered my email.

I was down to 12 of one of the narcotics and she wrote that the doctor had faxed the scrip to the pharmacy. Well, the government doesn't let you do that with narcotics. The doctor has to personally sign the form in ink and then the patient takes it to the pharmacy. I'd told the nurse that faxing wouldn't work so since I didn't get the email, I called and they had the scrip so I headed up.

I stopped on the way to get gas -- I only had $.10 off each gallon, but it's still saved money -- and the only way out is to turn right on a street, move into a left-turn lane, then turn around and go back to the main street. Getting out of the clinic with the pharmacy is exactly the same layout and when I made the turn around, the van and steering wheel shuddered like crazy. It was really scary. I stopped as soon as I could and looked at the tires -- they looked fine. I didn't have any problems driving home, but I didn't turn tightly like that again.

I stopped to ask the guys at my regular shop and one said he couldn't tell until they looked at all of it and if I didn't have the problem again, don't worry. So I steered around tightly in our circle and then in our big extra parking lot. No problem. I'd go try the exit from the gas station tomorrow except we're supposed to have snow. It would be nice if it doesn't happen again.

DC got an incendiary letter today, and it wasn't even opened before it ignited. The postal worker who was sorting letters ran out and flagged down a police officer, so they were able to get help quickly. This one was addressed to Janet Napolitano. The dog at Dulles yesterday turned out to be wrong -- the package had laptop batteries.
Tags: food, incendiary letter in dc, narcotics, reading, sleeping, tv, van shudders

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