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Cardboard Out

Last night I watched TV and TV tapes and then read the paper. At 12:30am I went to bed to read and went right to sleep at 4am. I got up at noon, waking twice before -- to use the bathroom, and for Junie to be a frog. I actually thought of her as a frog. Spirit jumped off the end of the recliner as I was just shutting it down and she landed right where she and Loki could touch noses, which they did for almost a minute.

I got money for next week, took the cardboard to the transfer station, and had lunch at Panera's. I ran into the mailguy on the way in and he had three meds for me. One of them was a brand name med that I've taken alternate days for the last two weeks. I wasn't going to put it in for refill before the first and pay $243 when I could put in the refill on the first and pay $64.

Three Maryland government offices had packages ignite -- no major damage -- and at Dulles, four baggage carousels are closed off because a bombsniffing dog sat down and pointed.

A very funny comic from yesterday and the zoo got two teeny baby loggerhead turtles last month. When they grow up, they'll be 200 pounds!
Tags: baby loggerhead turtles, cats, dulles suspicious package, errands, igniting packages in maryland, meds, reading, sleeping, tv

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