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Another Missed Day

I watched some shows on tape and was really sleepy. It was 9pm and I was considering going to bed and reading the paper today. I talked myself out of it and read the paper, going to bed to read by midnight. I was wide awake and full -- needed 15gr more of protein -- so I read until 3am then came out here and had three of the little Babybel cheeses and hot tea. I went back in and was still not sleepy by 4am so I decided to read until 5am. I went out to get the paper and then to bed by 5:02am. I was still awake by 7am. Then about 10am, I got three very close phone calls by the same person. She was clearly one of those debt collection people -- she wanted to know if anybody named Kimberly Parker lived here or if I knew where she was or had any association with her -- and I kept telling her I'd had this phone number for 19.5 years, and perhaps she had the wrong area code. I finally got up at 2:30pm.

I took the trash and recycling out and went to Joann's to get a fabric glue, using a 40% off coupon I had from Sunday. I forgot to bring the cart in -- I want to take the cardboard out tomorrow -- and now have it here.

I put Roseanne Cash's Black Cadillac in the CD player; I really like that. She also did a CD after her dad died called The List that has covers from her dad. It's a really good album, but I like Black Cadillac better. Her composition is wonderful and the songs have a much stronger narrative -- following the death of three relatives -- that reflects her life.
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