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Not the Day I Planned

I watched TV and read the paper last night, then went to bed to read at midnight. My left arm hurt like crazy, almost certainly from carrying 32 cat food cans yesterday, so I took the max narcotics then. I was still awake most of the night until 8am when I could take more, which I did. The alarm went off at noon and I was clearly not able to drive so I called Kaiser and cancelled the BP check.

I put my coat on and went out and reprogrammed what I think of as my "CD Player"; while I was out there, the mailperson came by so I went and got two days of mail, most of which ended up in my mixed paper recycling bin. The SFBC catalog envelope came and again, there was nothing I wanted to read.

Now that Spirit is going over a bit of the condo by herself, instead of staying under the end table all the time, Junie seems to have calmed down a bit. In fact, she and Loki have touched noses and laid with legs intertwined on the bed. Today Spirit was in my lap and Junie walked onto my lap. Spirit didn't seem scared when Junie sniffed her side, and when Junie stepped to the other recliner arm, Junie didn't seem upset when Spirit sniffed her butt. Junie jumped up to the crenellations, like she does most days.
Tags: bp check cancelled, cats, pain, reading, sleeping, tv, van cd player reprogrammed

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