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The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

This is yet another funny drastic pun-filled book. Thursday spends most of it in BookWorld to hide from problems while she carries her baby. Boy does that not work! Through the book, Thursday and Miss Havisham keep being tracked and just barely miss death. Well, Miss Havisham dies. Moment of silence. In the end, with helpful people, Thursday manages to get a vote that clears the bad characters and their project from BookWorld.

Thursday is also attacked by Aornis -- more of her memories missing -- and at the worst point, doesn't remember she's pregnant and drinks a lot of wine. Her Gran comes and explains and then Thursday goes into the edge of her memories and finds one Aornis didn't. The monster kills Aornis.

Thursday agrees to be Bellman, which is the top position for Jurisfiction, although she tells them it will only be a year -- she has to take the baby back to Outworld and get her husband back.

Many more complicated things extend from those main things. Pickwick has her chick!
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