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Last night I watched the first six hours of Twilight Zone while crocheting and then read the paper. I got to bed to read at 2:30am and stopped at 5am. I set the alarm for 1pm, but turned it off and slept an extra hour.

I put in the Peapod order -- I do this every two months to get things that are too heavy or bulky for me to carry -- and then tried to buy things from other websites and all three of them had problems with my registration. I'd make an account and then they'd tell me I had an invalid password/username. I'll try again tomorrow, but I don't think there's anything today that would cause that.

The Navy has found a very tacky video -- bad names for gays, simulated masturbation, many ugly words -- that was made by an aircraft carrier commander and shown to the men onboard.

Some of the tea party activists are now wondering if the rebellion actually worked. This was a very interesting read.
Tags: navy icky video, peapod, reading, registration problems, sleeping, tea party worked?, tv

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