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Rainy New Year's Day

It feels like Sunday, just like yesterday felt like Saturday. I stayed up until I finished online about 6:15pm and since it was dark enough to put the shades down, I went to bed. My phone was going to alarm at 7:30pm and I figured that should be long enough to sleep, and it was. When I got up, I programmed both VCRs to watch a total of 12 hours of Twilight Zone and read half the paper. Then I watched reruns of Criminal Minds on A&E. I got to bed to read at 12:30am but just couldn't read beyond 2:30am. I set the alarm to noon, but at 10am, I realized I would need to sleep longer so I turned it off. I woke up at 2:30pm.

I made up the grocery list for Monday and then took the trash and recycling out -- it was just sprinkling by then. There was a calico cat that always hides from me, but when a person came out, the cat followed them -- clearly wanting to go with them. The cat stopped at the side of the regular road and then hid when I started out. I got money for Monday and found more places open than I expected. I got my Friday mail on the way back in -- all for me, and one med.

It's the first of the first quarter of the year, so I took my old slippers out with the trash and got my new ones down to wear. These are purple, which is nice. Usually the only color I can find that I like is red. I bought two red and two purple.

The Capitol was evacuated this afternoon when a little plane went into restricted space around DC. It wasn't as bad as most evacuations -- the visitor's center was closed and most of the folks who work in the Capitol were out -- but it happens way too often.

The FBI has a formal policy where agents who are "too old" -- over 40 -- go "up or out." The officials say it gets rid of a bottleneck at that age, but it doesn't seem fair to me.

A lot of conservative state lawmakers are upset that even though they've put abortion out of their state, women can get an abortion pill by going to a clinic, talking online to a doctor from a state where it's legal, and then taking the RU-486 that comes from the doctor-opened drawer.

George McCune, the creator of R2-D2 and most of the "Star Wars" creatures died Monday.
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