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Finally Have the Van Back!

Last night I watched a DVD and then read the paper. I got to bed to read at 12:30am and finished at 4:30am, but was still awake at 5am so I came out and had some rosemary bread toast and watched two Twilight Zone episodes. I set the VCRs so they would cover TZ from 8am to 8pm. Both of the two hours before the am and after the pm are other things. I went back to bed at 6am and set the alarm for noon, knowing I'd probably hear from the body shop earlier.

When I woke up at 11:30am, I realized there was a problem. I called the body shop and yes, they were going to close at noon. I called my friend Jay to see if he could get here and then there quickly and he said he'd be right here. I called the body shop back and he said he'd wait for us. I quickly pulled on clothes and was waiting for Jay and we headed up to the body shop. Jay waited to be sure everything was okay, which it was (at least as far as I can tell) and I paid and we left.

The original estimate was $3200. The insurance wanted to make the van a total loss and would give me $2300. I asked how much they'd give me if I had it fixed, and that was $2200. The bill today was $2929, so I only had to pay $729. Pretty good deal.

I'd put the two DVDs in the folder that had all the accident stuff and dropped them in the post office drive-past box. I went on to PetSmart to get a new bag of cat food, and the traffic was amazing. That would usually take me about 10 minutes but it was 32 today. The strip mall with the PetSmart was really crowded, too. Fortunately, most people didn't want to buy pet stuff. I came home on a parallel street which wasn't nearly as busy.

I'd already put the things I took out of the van in the rolling cart and since I had the dead mirror and back light in the van, I took a bag out, too. I got the things back where they go, put the dead car stuff in the bag and then put that bag in the back. Then I got the cat food into the cart and brought it in. I went back to the bedroom and put the eyedrops in, gave Junie her (pill)pocket, and took the rest of my meds. During that time, Junie had chewed the corner of the bag all the way in, but the food was low enough in the bag that she didn't get it. I'd left my shoes on because I filled the food machine with the food that was in the big plastic container and then put the food from the bag into the container. I didn't drop anything on my feet this time.

I'd gotten Thursday's mail (the mailperson just went by) on the way in and when I looked at it, I had a catalog and the rest was for my upstairs neighbor. I called his daughter and he's still in the rehab facility. He's still on oxygen, but is getting pretty insistent on coming back to the condo. He's legally blind, 87, and weak, and he'd really have to stay where he had help if he has to continue the oxygen. I told his daughter that I had his mail and that three were bills and she said she'd be by some time this weekend.

I went through the folder for the accident to put things in order and take out the pen and quarter-page papers I had in there. As I was taking everything out, there were a lot of book names cut from the WashPost and I couldn't figure what had happened. Then I remembered that I took the quarter-page papers from the pile I use for weekly lists, where I've been putting those book names between the papers to see if the library has each one when I get there. I managed to bring a batch with a lot of books!

I didn't get much sleep last night and I've become a little dizzy when I turn my head or walk, even though I've had hot tea and a sandwich, so I'll probably nap with Spirit in the recliner pretty soon.
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