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Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Another funny book with serious bits. Thursday has to go on a tacky TV show, supposedly no-holds-barred, and then everybody in the auditorium -- SpecOps, Goliath, Toast, etc. -- tell her she can't talk about things. In the end, she talks about dodos and takes a bite of toast. The woman who is SpecOps PR, Cordelia, wants her to do a lot more but Thursday really doesn't want to.
Thursday is called to meetings with superiors while Landen waits in a cafe across the way. The superiors give her the worst reviews possible. When she goes across the street, Landen is missing.

Thursday finds out that Goliath has "eradicated" Landen and she can't have him back unless she gives him Jack Schitt (stuck in The Raven in the last book). She insists she can't do that. She tries what she can to get him back.

Thursday is taken to Jurisfiction -- a place where people, some real, some fiction, fix problems with books. She's taught how to move in and out and between books, primarily by Miss Havisham, from Great Expectations, and uses it herself when she's being pursued by both Goliath and Chronoguards. Her father keeps turning up and asking for her help; she takes the pink packet and says she'll try to find out what it is and stop the apocalypse.

During the book, Thursday meets a young woman three times and she eventually realizes that it's Aornis, Hades' sister, who wants to kill Thursday. Thursday is trapped by both the Chronoguard and Goliath, but Miss Havisham gets her out. Then Thursday goes to her uncle's laboratory; Aornis traps Thursday and her cousin inside and the pink stuff is death. It turns out that the pink stuff is Dream Topping, strawberry flavor, and it's been fixed to change everything to soup. Her father arrives, takes the Dream Topping to the beginning of the world.

Thursday is really upset. She's pregnant, has lost her husband, and her dad has died. Then she visits her mother and finds her dad. He wants her to move in time to be safe until the baby is born. She decides to go into the Well of Lost Plots.

An odd thing is that early in the book, John Smith says he's a new SpecOps. Near the end, a John Smith asks her a question where he would have to know too much about her. Hmmmm
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